Free Online Fiction

12 03 2010

So. I have a new, shiny* WordPress website. I like the feel of it.** It sort of requires me to post something. So what better way*** than by touting some free online fiction?

They’ve both been out for a month or so now. But if you’re curious about the kind of stuff I write, you could do worse**** than check out ‘The Day of the Carrot‘ on the Ticon4 website, or ‘The Fridge Whisperer’ in the latest downloadable pdf of Semaphore Magazine.



* Or maybe it’s a matte finish. It’s difficult to tell, without scraping the shellac off my monitor.

** I just wish it was better at handling footnotes.

*** This is, you should realise, a rhetorical question. I’m not actually asking for an answer. I’m just framing the statement as a question, for effect. I do that from time to time, you know?

**** I’m not going to tell you how you could do worse. But you’re at liberty to discover that for yourself.




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