Now newly online (and recently launched)

19 03 2010

I’ve placed two of my published stories from last year, Downdraft and Single Handed, on the site here – they can be accessed from the dropdown menu for the ‘Online Fiction’ page.

I’ve posted them because they’re eligible for the Sir Julius Vogel awards, in the ‘short story’ and ‘novella / novelette’ categories respectively; because both were published in small-press (but obviously excellent) US magazines, they’re unlikely to have been widely seen in the Antipodes, and I’d prefer that not to be a hindrance to their prospects in the SJVs, for which nominations close on March 31st (in NZ, ie March 30th in some time zones). Note also that anyone, anywhere, can nominate a story for the  SJVs – the nomination procedure is detailed on the website. (And please, of course, consider the many other SJV-eligible stories that were produced by NZ-based, or NZ-born, authors last year: names including RC Astruc, Paul Haines, Ripley Patton, Grant Stone, Doug Van Belle, and a good many others.)

I should also point out that both Downdraft and Single Handed are contained within my Rare Unsigned Copy collection, which was launched on March 17th and which is now available for purchase from the Peggy Bright Books website (and should soon be appearing in a few discerning bookshops across Australia.)




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