New reviews…

7 06 2010

A couple of new reviews of Rare Unsigned Copy – from Specusphere and SF Crowsnest – have come to light, and are now listed on the reviews page.

It’s interesting (well, to me it’s interesting) to identify trends and common threads which have emerged from the reviews to date. Virtually all of the reviews touch on the serious/humorous mixture aspect, the my-word-some-of-these-puns-are-deadly aspect, the some-of-the-stories-are-only-half-a-page-long aspect, and the (related) gosh-42-stories-is-rather-a-lot-for-a-collection aspect, and truth to tell I’d be disappointed if these things weren’t flagged, because they’re fairly obvious features of the book. Several of the reviews have commented favourably on the quality of the writing and the integrity of the background science, and the Gordon Mamon stories are mentioned more often than not (well, they are the main set of interlinked stories in the collection…). Difficulty in identifying a favourite story is a repeated thread, as is reference to the mischievous ‘Product Warning’ which tends to accompany mail-order copies (and, which I’ve privately been informed, had at least one reviewer somewhat concerned for his wellbeing). The story ‘Podcast’ also seems to come in for a fair degree of attention, as do the book’s three Sudoku puzzles. But in some respects it’s the reported versatility of the book, vis a vis the conditions under which it has apparently been read, which are most surprising, and perhaps most revealing…

Rare Unsigned Copy is, apparently, a book suitable for reading on the loo, for coffee-break browsing, for interstate bus journeys, for reading from netbooks, and for reading by generally book-averse domestic partners. Which is all good to hear, because that’s pretty much the demographic I was aiming at. (Well, part of it, anyway.)

What about you? If you’ve had a singular Rare Unsigned Copy reading experience, or if you’d like to know how to obtain a review copy of your own, please feel free to leave a comment…




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