For a limited time …

2 03 2013

… and for just the cost of a free glass of water, my deep-space SF / mystery novella Flight 404 is available for free download from the Amazon Kindle Store.

The giveaway commences on the 2nd of March and finishes on the 4th: all times are Pacific Time, apparently, so the window runs from 7 pm Saturday here in Canberra (9 pm in NZ, 6 pm in Brisbane, 6.30 pm–I think–in Adelaide, 8 am in London, or 10 pm (Friday) in Honolulu) until three days hence, i.e. 7 pm Tuesday in Canberra, etc. etc. All of which means, if I’ve set the timer on this post appropriately, that it’s available now.

'Flight 404' cover (artwork by Lewis Morley)

Here’s the elevator pitch, suitable for all but the speediest of elevators: ‘To solve the dilemma of the Bougainvillaea‘s disappearance, investigator/pilot Charmain Mertz must return to the conservative world of her boyhood.’

If you’re wavering, there’s a summary of the reviews to date, here.

Did I mention it’s free? For a limited time?

And, of course, all signal boosts on the topic would be greatly appreciated.




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