Specusphere, alas, is pining for the fjords

4 03 2013

It’s been a while since I submitted any reviews to them, but I am nonetheless saddened to hear that The Specusphere, one of the pillars of online speculative fiction reviewing in Australia over the past several years, is running up the curtain and going to join the choir. Reviews editor Satima Flavell and webmistress Amanda Greenslade have felt it necessary to draw a line in the sand, and to announce the site’s demise. They, and the other stalwarts of Specusphere, are to be commended for maintaining the site against increasingly difficult circumstances and the continuing pressure of real-world commitments, and I wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

And at Satima’s request (not just to me, but to all of their stable of reviewers), I have begun the task of salvaging what I can of the contributions I did make to Specusphere over the years. There are something like a dozen reviews which I have reclaimed from the site, and which I will install in my still pitifully small review section on this site. You can see the first of these, my 2009 review of the Twelfth Planet anthology New Ceres Nights, here, and over the coming days, as time permits, I’ll add the others.

Vale, Specusphere. May your reviews live on after you.




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10 03 2013
The Specusphere reviews | Simon Petrie

[…] A week or so back, I mentioned that The Specusphere, which for the past several years had been one of the main review sites for Australian speculative fiction, has closed its doors and was at the point of dismantling its website. As a small act of salvage, I’ve copied across to here the fifteen reviews which I had contributed during my years on The Specusphere‘s books. You can find the reviews here, if you’re interested. […]

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