Another week, another electronic freebie

8 03 2013

Last week it was Flight 404. This week, Peggy Bright Books is making Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear free to download, from Amazon’s Kindle store, for two days commencing approximately now. (For a given value of ‘now’ set for midnight, March 7th/8th, Pacific Time, which corresponds to Friday evening here in the Antipodes.)


To whet your appetite: Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear is an anthology of 13 stories, as follows:

Jo Anderton:   ‘The Bone Chime Song’

Adam Browne:   ‘The D____d’

Sue Bursztynski:   ‘Five Ways to Start a War’

Brenda Cooper:   ‘Between Lines’

Katherine Cummings:   ‘The Travelling Salesman and the Farmer’s Daughter’

Thoraiya Dyer:   ‘Faet’s Fire’

Kathleen Jennings:   ‘Kindling’

Dave Luckett: ‘History: Theory and Practice’

Ian McHugh:   ‘The Godbreaker and Unggubudh the Mountain’

Sean McMullen:   ‘Hard Cases’

Ripley Patton:   ‘Mary Had a Unicorn’

Robert Porteous:   ‘The Subjunctive Case’

Anna Tambour:   ‘Murder at the Tip’


Until Sunday evening, here in Australia–or, if you keep Pacific time, until the very last gasp of March 9th–it’s free to download. And there are some absolutely breathtaking stories in the collection. How can you lose? (Except through procrastination, of course …)




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