Some positive feedback

11 03 2013

M. Darusha Wehm clearly knows her way around a mystery story. She’s the author of the cyberpunk-noir Andersson Dexter mystery series, and the brains behind the brand-spanking-new online crime-fiction zine Plan B (which, by the way, you should definitely check out).  A few days ago, she posted this summary of her 2012 reading experience. I was tickled all shades of pink to see Flight 404 get a rec as one of the stories she’d particularly enjoyed: ‘On the face of it, this story is about what happens to the missing spaceship, but it’s really about how the choices we make affect our futures, how we interact with the memories of people from our past, how we strive to be true to ourselves.

And Tsana Dolichva–author, reviewer, astrophysicist, and scourge of sciencefailing fiction–has blogged her review of Flight 404. Modesty (and a sense of online etiquette) prevents me from quoting the entire review, but you can follow the link. My favourite part of the review is probably this one: ‘It was also nice to see non-trivial sociological issues — Charmain’s gender identity — tackled in a hard science fictional setting. (I’ve seen Bujold do similar, but I don’t think it’s otherwise very common.)‘ She gives it four-and-a-half stars and summarises: ‘Flight 404 was an excellent read and I highly recommend it to all fans of science fiction. I will definitely be searching out more of Petrie’s work in the future.’

It’s always great to get a positive review. It’s particularly heartening when these reviews or endorsements are made by people who are experts in pertinent fields (Wehm with crime fiction, Dolichva with physics and space; plus, of course, they both write SF themselves). And it means, I guess, that I should follow through on my plans for what happens next in Charmain’s story …




One response

12 03 2013

You should definitely follow through with more Charmain stories. Something for your readers to look forwar to.

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