So who would you send to Mars?

22 03 2013

About a month ago, Dennis Tito announced an audacious plan to send a couple on a Mars flyby, launching in 2018. The plan attracted a fair bit of attention, and the proposal of a novel substance for use as a radiation shield. But quite aside from any concern over the plumbing, one of the obvious questions is: who should go?

My friend and fellow SpecFicNZ member Darusha Wehm has indicated her interest. I have to say, I think she (and her partner Steve) would be an excellent choice: they’ve spent cumulative years at sea, performing maintenance as the need arise and in changeable conditions, happily confined within the boundaries of a fairly small boat; plus, of course, she’s a SF writer. I actually cannot think of anyone else who’d be a more suitable candidate for a round trip to Mars. Read Darusha’s ‘Martian CV’ and see if you agree.

Now, if it was a one-way trip to Mars, that’d be a different matter …



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