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27 03 2013

A quick reminder that the nominations for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards close at 8.00 pm (NZ time) on the 31st of March, followed closely by the deadline for the Chronos Awards (April 1st, no closing hour specified).

For the curious, the Chronos Awards are for the best of Victorian (that’s the state, not the era) speculative fiction. There were several eligible works published in ASIM last year:

‘First They Came…’ by Deborah Kalin in ASIM 55

‘Illegal’ by Pete Aldin and Kevin Ikenberry, ASIM 56.

‘Lex Talionis’ by Belinda Crawford in ASIM 54.

‘Mick’s Suit’ by T.A. Robinson in ASIM 55.

‘Midwinter Night’ by Sue Bursztynski in ASIM 54.

‘Petting the Tiger’ by Tamlyn Dreaver in ASIM 54.

‘The Statues of Melbourne’ by Jack Nicholls in ASIM 56

And three of the stories from Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear also qualify:

‘Five Ways to Start a War’, by Sue Bursztynski

‘Hard Cases’, by Sean McMullen

‘The D____d’, by Adam Browne

Finally, I’ll put in an endorsement for Adam Browne’s wonderful Pyrotechnicon: Being a true account of Cyrano de Bergerac’s further adventures among the states and empires of the stars (Coeur de Lion), which is thoroughly worthy of recognition. And of reading.

Nominations for the Chronos Awards can be made by anyone active in fandom; nomination details are on the awards website.




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31 03 2013

And if you don’t mind plugging stories from another anthology, there’s Jen White’s Wetlands in Mythic Resonance and mine, Brothers, in the same anthology.
-Sue Bursztynski

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