And now for something completely spam-related

16 04 2013


Fed up with spam contaminating your inbox, cluttering your comments threads, and causing you to doubt your virility, your interest in cheap ersatz Louis Vuitton handbags, and your eligibility to the uncollected riches of wealthy departed Nigerians? Noted New Zealand fantasist* Mary Victoria has the answer! Don’t just throw your unwanted spam away. Turn it into free-verse poetry, and then throw it away.

Inspired by Mary’s efforts in spam repurposement, I have decided to attempt my own experiment in found verse, and offer for your perusal the following:


Pretty Section of Content, by Cynthia Mershark**


People become enslaved drugs,

friendship relates to the golden thread,

each relative claims fresh hook transcendence.


The other one takes up two

to assert that I acquire.


In the Tribunales neighborhood,

they let you try it for free.

You may wanna try and repair that.



* (More recently, noted Parisian fantasist)

** (The name ‘Cynthia Mershark’ appeared as the signatory on an email I received some years ago, promising more wealth than I could imagine–or something along those lines, anyway. Unaccountably, I never followed up on the offer of untold riches, but the name has stayed with me. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you much about Cynthia, except that–according to the great oracle Google–she is a US Citizen, currently living in Nigeria, or Florida, or Texas, and has been 48 years old for quite some time now.)




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22 04 2013
Monday is Inadvertent Poetry Day | Simon Petrie

[…] Last week, inspired by the precedent of Mary Victoria, I posted a poem assembled from the bits of spam which I hadn’t yet deleted from my spam folder. […]

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