Next Up

21 04 2013


The CSFG anthology Next, edited by yours truly and Rob Porteous, is scheduled for lunch. I mean launch. At Conflux.

The launch is scheduled for 6.00 pm, Friday the 26th of April, in the convention foyer at Rydges Capital Hill (just a notional stone’s throw from Parliament House in Canberra).

The launch is open to the public, meaning that you don’t need to be a member of the Natcon to attend.

The emcees will be Richard Harland and Janeen Webb, two of the antho’s contributors. Rob will be there. I will be there. As will more contributing authors than at whom you can shake a stick (though why anyone would wish to shake a stick at them, one cannot conjecture). There will be readings. There will be signings. There will be written evidence of authorial brilliance, and pictorial evidence of artistic wonderfulness. Editorial attire will be such as is suitable to the dignity of the occasion, with a nod towards both the Natcon’s theme and the anthology’s cover’s subject matter. I’m given to understand, also, that effervescent beverages of both an alcohol-containing and alcohol-eschewing nature will be on hand, and served in convenient glass containers. It will be all over by 7.00 pm at the latest, so as not to delay those who have made dinner arrangements.

If you want a new, shiny, multiply-signaturised copy of this anthology–and, in all modesty, why wouldn’t you?–you owe it to yourself to be there at the Next launch.




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