Monday is Inadvertent Poetry Day

22 04 2013

Last week, inspired by the precedent of Mary Victoria, I posted a poem assembled from the bits of spam which I hadn’t yet deleted from my spam folder.

It occurred to me, in the days following, that I probably get enough spam, with enough variety of linguistic foibles, to assemble such a poem every week, and this is what I intend to do, until such time as the spam feed dwindles in either quantity or–er–quality to such an extent that weekly poetification is no longer viable. Is this an attempt to capitalise on one of modern society’s basest waste products? A method of distracting myself from the things I should be doing? A subtle dig at the often-elliptical, sometimes tangential relationship which modern poetry maintains with realityand with lucidity of articulation? A simple yet somehow complicated protest at the tripe to which we are subjected by spammers?

Well, yes.

Without further ado, then, I present you with this week’s offering.


Never Bring the Felicity, by Cynthia Mershark

What host are you the use of?

Its such as you learn my thoughts!
the thoughts we have can be rulers

to a reduced amount of fortuitous
to be him with great respect

also complexing to discuss
a sentence
with a missing word

rowboat of Google identify it

Hi my loved one!
and he wonderfully did it.
This had been practical.



4 responses

22 04 2013
Darusha Wehm

Out of professional curiosity, are you taking entire spam messages and adding line breaks and punctuation to create new meaning (my favourite kind of found poetry), or selecting individual lines to remix together?

22 04 2013

I’m selecting and remixing. Mostly, my eyes catch on the bits of text that seem like they ought to make sense, but don’t.
It’s not high art, by any stretch of the imagination. But ‘rowboat of Google’ is a wonderfully daft metaphor, I think, and some of the other turns of phrase have an appeal too.

22 04 2013
Spam Poetry | M. Darusha Wehm

[…] Simon Petrie and Mary Victoria, I give you found poetry from one of the spam comments received […]

22 04 2013

Love it!

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