Just another Mershark monday

29 04 2013

If the following makes no sense to you, some context may be provided by my earlier posts here and here.

If, after that, it still makes no sense to you, some additional context may be garnered from the announcement that I compiled this fresh from attending (and doing a reading in) the Conflux 9 Romance Gauntlet, an evening replete with innuendo, suggestion, linguistic flirtatiousness, and–thanks to yours truly–squidultery.

If, then, it still makes no sense … sorry, can’t help you. I can only work with what I’ve got.


I will immediately grasp your RSS, by Cynthia Mershark

I am a giant
truly unique
famous and very talented

I am regular

I realized that I could get
lovers worldwide

i always say
you are one of the coolest
girlfriends of politicians
i ever saw

You may be possible to preserve
like country music

Weird commentary will give you the
dulcet article
for pretty long time

One thing what I noticed
a company which offers to dramatically increase your
genuinely pleasant

I was lucky enough to find
some splendid
leading points of swimwear

luscious hotels
will widen one’s
extraordinary clients
for such easy task

These guys are pretty fast, for sure

So I ordered this
it was very hard
This is the amount

look I was dreaming
I was searching
I was stunned

I think that you will agree
simple is best




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