A couple of ASIMish announcements

5 05 2013


First, ASIM 57 is out, edited by Lucy Zinkiewicz. It has some breathtakingly beautiful stories in it–I’m particularly impressed by Ferrett Steinmetz’s ‘Shoebox Heaven’, by Crystal Lynn Hilbert’s ‘The Minutiae of Being Dead’, and by Jacob Edwards’ ‘Luminaries’. Cassie Beasley’s ‘Rites of Passage’ is pretty darn good too. You can find the ASIM website post on it here. And you can purchase a copy at the website here. (The cover is by the consistently excellent Kathleen Jennings.)


Second, following the release of this year’s Sir Julius Vogel Awards shortlist, ASIM (with the authors’ kind permission) has made available, for free download, an ebook of the two shortlisted stories that featured in the magazine last year: Dan Rabarts’ ‘Paint By Numbers’ (issue 55) and Grant Stone’s ‘Better Phones’ (issue 56). The ebook is available in pdf, epub, and mobi formats, and you can find it here.




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