You may be labouring …

4 06 2013

… under the misapprehension that this site has, of late, been degenerating into nothing more than a repository for spam poetry, a perception which, it must be conceded, is understandable in the circumstances. It seems appropriate to take steps to redress this imbalance, and to that end I have for your edification and delectation some actual content, free of versificatory distraction.

I’ve uploaded a couple of my recent book reviews, first aired in the current issue of ASIM, onto my book-review page: Phillip Mann’s The Disestablishment of Paradise and Donna Maree Hanson’s Rayessa and the Space Pirates.


I’ve been meaning to upload these for a while, but there’s now an added reason for doing so. The Rayessa review allows me to seamlessly segue into an announcement that Donna is currently holding a competition (open worldwide, so far as I know) to give away a copy of the Rayessa e-book to the person who comes up with the catchiest, most apposite, or funniest space pirate name. (You’re asked also to come up with a couple of defining characteristics of said pirate, if possible). The competition runs until Monday 17th June (which I guess may, in certain time zones, arrive on Sunday 16th of June) and you can find the competition details here. I can recommend the novella–it’s a fun, bubbly read–and the competition sounds like it could be fun also. So, first in best dressed …




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