Single boots

24 06 2013

… uh, that probably should read ‘Signal Boost’.

Just a few quick mentionages, of things I’ve been meaning to mention:

(1) For those of you who are of a writerly persuasion and who can claim any kind of connection to the Gold Coast (that’s the bit of Australian geography, not the Kim Stanley Robinson novel), even if, like yours truly, it’s merely that you’ve once visited it, there is now a Gold Coast-themed anthology in the works, to be edited by two of the fabulously talented authors from Next: Helen Stubbs and CSFG’s own Elizabeth Fitzgerald. You can read about the Gold Coast antho, and learn what they’re looking for in submissions, here.

(2) ASIM‘s tenth anniversary edition, issue 56, has been out in e-book format for awhile now, from the ASIM website as well as from Wizard’s Tower, but it’s currently also available from Amazon’s Kindle store.

(3) The upcoming second book in Ripley Patton‘s YA series ‘The PSS Chronicles’–viz. ‘Ghost Hold‘, the sequel to last year’s ‘Ghost Hand‘, now has cover art and a first chapter that you can feast your eyes upon.




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