A couple of quick snippets of updatery

5 07 2013


1. Reader, you may recollect as how in a recent post I mentioned a competition being run by Donna Hanson, to give away a copy of her Rayessa and the Space Pirates e-book novella?

Well. It appears as how I have, quite inadvertently, gone and won that very competition. Which, on one level is terrific … but, since I already have a copy of the e-book (given to me as a review copy: you can read the review here), this means I now have a spare. So I’m donating my prize. If you want to be in it to win it, leave a comment with sufficient identifying detail to convince me you’re not a spammer, and, through an appropriate dice-or-coin-based randomisation technique, I will select a winner. (I believe the e-book is available in both epub and mobi formats, but if that turns out not to be the case, I’ll edit this.)

So as to produce a quick result, I’ll close the competition at 11.59 pm (AEST) on Saturday the 6th of July. (That’s approximately 27 hours from now, for a given value of ‘now’ that probably bears no relation to the ‘now’ you’re currently experiencing.) So don’t delay!

UPDATE: The competition has now closed. The winner is Cat Sheely, who has been notified of her good fortune. [The result was decided on the basis of three coin tosses (envisaging each pair of contestants in a ‘pool match’); a single d6 roll would have sufficed, but my bag of dice were not where I thought they would be. For reference, the coin employed was a 2009 Australian $2 coin.]



2. And the suggestion of ‘don’t delay’ allows me to segue seamlessly into a last-minute reminder for anyone who’s a member of SFFANZ, or who is attending Au Contraire 2013, to get their votes in for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards. Email votes are still accepted until July 10th (as are postal votes, but it’d be a close-run thing to be snailmailing it now); votes at the convention close on July 12th. And there’s a lot of good stuff on the ballot. (The link details the methods available for voting.) If you’re eligible to vote, please do so, whatever you decide to vote for.



3 responses

5 07 2013
Cat Sheely

Urgh Simon, no punning! Sad Cat. But as I didn’t win it the first time would love to have another go. Anyway, instead of trying to be cute this time I can just give over to luck and your dice.

5 07 2013
Gillian Polack

Cat needs competition. But you should have asked for puns… (I have no idea if I can read epub or mobi, but I do believe in crowding competition posts so that the dice has work to do.)

7 07 2013

Interesting – i am also reviewing Sci-Fi in my blog Sc-i-Fi & Fantasy. I’ll toss my hat into the ring. Nice of you to share.

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