If time permits …

14 07 2013

… before the expiry of my hotel wifi connection, I’ll squeak in this quick update on events at Au Contraire 2.

Regeneration_342_520I got in early on Con Crud, coming down with something throat-nasty on the Friday night. But I managed to get to the launch of Regeneration, the new Random Static anthology in which, miraculously, I have a story. I’ve only read two of the shortest contributions so far–Matt Cowens’ and Grace Bridges’–but if they’re any indication of the antho’s overall quality, it promises to be a corker read. (Hopefully I didn’t give throat-nasty to too many of the good and the great of NZ specfic gathered at the launch …)


And I was at hand for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards, where I was delighted to act as proxy acceptor for Les Petersen’s SJV award for Best Professional Artwork, for the cover of thePeggy Bright Books Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear anthology co-edited by Edwina Harvey and me last year.

'Flight 404' cover (artwork by Lewis Morley)

And I can also report that the SJV award for Best Novella / Novelette went to ‘Flight 404’, cover shown above. Pretty damn happy about that, actually. (Even if I am now tasked with having to get not one, but two robust and pointy awards trophies through airport security. They will, needless to say, be in checked baggage rather than carry-on.)


There’s more to add, of course, about the opportunity to once again meet friends in fandom, to make new acquaintances, and to generally soak in what might be called the vibe of the thing, but if I write too much the wifi will cut off before I can post so I’ll leave it at this for now. Also, I have to sleep before needing to waken in three-and-a-half hours, to catch a woefully early flight out of Wellington.

But — and I suspect you know the voice in which this should be intoned — ‘I’ll be back’.




2 responses

15 07 2013

Congrats to you, and to Les! That is great news! Safe travels.

15 07 2013

Thanks, Thoraiya! And I can confirm that both the trophies and myself finished our travels safely — which is a relief. I’d been wondering about the efficacy of a couple of T-shirts and a woollen coat as suitable packing materials for the trophies, but they seem to have survived.

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