An Amazonian(ish) Miscellany

26 07 2013


1. I recently did the e-book layout for Dave Luckett‘s Legacy of Scars, which is Book 2 in his ‘The Dragon War’ series.  As you might guess from the series title, the book is epic fantasy, and a very good example of the genre too. I haven’t yet read Book 1 (Heritage of Fire), but based on the second instalment, the series looks like a lot of fun. Dave writes with humour, warmth, and wisdom. It took me longer than it should have to finish the e-book, because I kept stopping to read the story. If you want to check out Legacy of Scars (and I thoroughly recommend it), here’s its Kindle Store page.


2, And while I’m on the subject of very talented writers (who both just happen to have stories in Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear) for whom I’ve contracted to do the book formatting on the second book in a series …

Ripley Patton (whose YA debut Ghost Hand has been getting a lot of positive attention) is putting the finishing touches to Ghost Hand‘s sequel, titled Ghost Hold. And to celebrate the first novel’s recent hundredth Amazon review, she’s holding a Goodreads giveaway which offers a chance, to those who enter, to win one of five ARCs of the new book, Ghost Hold. If you want to be in it to win it (and if you’re into YA, I can heartily endorse the first book), the giveaway page is here.


3. Not so much a signal boost, more an expression of ‘I didn’t realise that’ … apparently, due to the Balkanization of Amazon’s online store, reviews are not global. That is, if you post a review to, the review will only show up on the UK site, not on any of the other sites such as the parent (The exception seems to be that reviews to the parent US site are mirrorred to the other national Amazon sites). I have no idea why a store which aims for global coverage embodies such regionalism in its review-displaying policy, but there you go. (And don’t get me started on Amazon’s predilection for paying overseas authors by cheque, in USD (thereby incurring massive currency-exchange fees), rather than by–oh, I don’t know–PayPal …)


4. Finally, not directly Amazon-related, although Book Depository is now a subsidiary … I received my copy, today, of Karen Elizabeth Gordon’s The Deluxe Transitive Vampire: The Ultimate Handbook of Grammar for the Innocent, the Eager, and the Doomed. It is–and I kid you not–a thoroughly wonderful book to dip into, replete with outlandish, singular, and memorable examples of grammatical concepts, exquisitely word-pictured with recourse to samovars, assassins, gargoyles, dirty rats, and lederhosen-eating goats. If you’re labouring under the misapprehension that grammar is a thing both dry and dusty, this book proves that it is anything but. If all nonfiction were this wonderfully constructed, no-one would ever bother reading fiction.




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5 10 2013
Sue Bursztynski (@SueBursztynski)

Ah, I remember being sent cheques in US dollars back in the days of International Bank Drafts. It was assumed by some that EVERYBODY wanted US$. And the banks, of course charged for conversion. Now that Amazon owns Goodreads(grr) perhaps that might be a better place to put reviews you want read internationally, or you can always join Now you mention it, I went for an offered freebie on and couldn’t access it.

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