A (belated) announcement concerning one Johnny Ruckus

18 08 2013

Those among you who are keen of intellect or sharp of memory may recollect that, several weeks back, I mentioned a cinematic work-in-progress, Orion 66, that derives from a first-contact(ish) SF novelette by Douglas A Van Belle, ‘The Jackal’s Waltz’, which first aired in the pages of ASIM 35. I can now also reveal that Doug has been busy pursuing other SF-flavoured screen-based activities as well, with the news that filming is soon to commence (or may indeed already have commenced) on a new comedy-adventure SF TV series, Johnny Ruckus, for which Doug has been busy writing.

Johnny Ruckus

Here’s the press release:

For Immediate Release
Avalon Studios, in association with LMAO productions, is set to produce the pilot for Science Fiction Comedy TV series Johnny Ruckus.
The writer of the pilot and series co-creator is Sir Julius Vogel Award winner, Douglas A. Van Belle, who is also known for the novel, Barking Death Squirrels.
Teasers for Johnny Ruckus have already been filmed and will initially be released through the TV show’s web page and facebook page.  Filming is set for November, and there are plans to use a kickstarter campaign as a way to make the pilot itself available to the public.
For more information and updates everyone is encouraged to friend the facebook page or occasionally check the website.

So if you’re curious, like the FB page or check the web page every once in a while and enjoy the ride with us.

(One thing you’ll note from the Facebook page, in the link above, is that the show features endorsements from Andromeda Spaceways. It should be noted, however, that the identification of one Slag Fairmont as Andromeda Spaceways’ President should be corrected to read ‘President-in-Hiding’ or ‘President-in-Exile’, since Mr Fairmont is still wanted by authorities in three systems for the inexplicable disappearance of many items of spaceport furniture of a design suspiciously similar to that subsequently shown in holobrochures advertising Andromeda Spaceways’ refurbished business-class seating. Should you sight Mr Fairmont in your travels, you are urged not to approach him, nor to purchase any secondhand furniture off him. On no account should you reveal to him the location or contents of your wallet. Andromeda Spaceways offers this information freely as a public service announcement to our prospective customers.)

I’m looking forward to catching the pilot. (Which, as it happens, is a statement we at Andromeda Spaceways hear all-too-often, particularly from law-enforcement authorities and personal injury lawyers.)




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21 09 2013
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