A ‘Back of the Back of Beyond’ Backgrounder

20 09 2013

My friend and colleague, Edwina Harvey, is currently working on a project called Back of the Back of Beyond which is tentatively scheduled for release, from Peggy Bright Books, around December this year. The collection builds on a series of interlinked stories, “No Pets Allowed” (Out of the Ashes #1), “Get Me to The Worldcon on Time” (Fables and Reflections), “My Sweet 286” (AustrALIEN Absurdities) and “Party” (Antipodean SF #1), as well as a body of new work set in the same moderately unhinged, fandom-tinged universe.

As a fundraiser for the book, Edwina is also offering Tuckerization spots within the collection—which means that if you’d like to see yourself woven into the story, either under your own name or a pseudonym (or if you’d like the family cat, or the family pony, or the family velociraptor* to put in an appearance in the text), you can achieve this for the sum of $20 (including an e-book of the finished collection) or $25 (including a print copy of the book, postage-paid within Australia). Scenes and plot ideas suggested by you might also be open for inclusion (at authorial discretion) and special group deals can be negotiated. If you’re interested in  seeing yourself, family or friends  included in a unique collection by a very accomplished writer, you can contact Edwina at [celestialcobbler(at)hotmail(dot)com].

While I have your attention, I should probably mention that Edwina is also a highly skilled editor, having done more than most to knock my own words into shape on several occasions. And since she’s currently seeking to make a go of it as a freelance editor (fiction, nonfiction, and everything in between), you might want to bear her in mind next time you’re looking for editorial feedback on some writing. She’s thorough, diligent, and intuitive. If you’re interested, her ‘Editing’ shingle is hung up at Edwina’s Editing Services.


* (Clearly, that’s artistic licence on my part. I mean, who in these straitened times can afford a family pony?)




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