Looking to raise a ruckus. A Johnny Ruckus.

21 09 2013

You might recall, a few weeks back, I posted on (ASIM author and professional non-Canadian) Doug Van Belle’s plans, alongside his brother James, to bring to the attention of TV audiences in New Zealand and elsewhere the interstellar misadventures of one Johnny Ruckus. Oh, look, here’s the link to my earlier post. If it’s the Johnny Ruckus Facebook page you’re after, it’s here. (The Facebook page is well worth a visit, for the llamas and so much more.)

Johnny Ruckus

Things have snowballed, as things sometimes have a tendency to do, and it appears as how there is now a kickstarter campaign seeking to raise the funds to pay the actors and the technical staff involved in shooting the pilot. The kickstarter page for the project, here, gives some background on the show’s premise, on the actors involved, and on what’s required to get the show aloft. (And I should probably explain that when I say ‘shooting the pilot’, I don’t mean shooting Johnny Ruckus, I mean shooting Johnny Ruckus, if you get my drift. I mean, I think Johnny Ruckus is a pilot, or I think Johnny Ruckus thinks he’s a pilot, even if it’s the sort of pilot who doesn’t actually have any current valid sort of piloty license thing, if that’s not maligning the gentleman on my part. If, indeed ‘gentleman’ is the sort of word which gets used in the same sentence as the words ‘Johnny Ruckus’, which maybe it doesn’t, no more than ‘pilot’, nor ‘responsible’, nor ‘safe pair of hands’. I’m not sure I’d want to meet this Johnny Ruckus; but I would definitely like to see the show. From my experience of editing various of his stories, I know that Doug has a rare talent for serious comedy which sounds like it should translate very well to the small screen.)

If you, too, would like to see the show come to fruition, then I’d urge you to (a) get behind the kickstarter — there are some impressive rewards as incentives — and (b) help to boost the signal. Because if Johnny Ruckus is the sort of interstellar maladroit that I believe him to be, then clearly he’s going to need every bit of assistance to launch. And, in all probability, to fund repairs to the spaceport afterwards.




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