In the spring, a not-so-young man’s fancy lightly turns …

30 09 2013

… to thoughts of space elevators. And murder most ingenious. And egregious name-puns.

I’m not sure what it says about me, but it is indeed a sad fact that all of the extant Gordon Mamon stories, with the exception of the long-gestation novella ‘The Hunt for Red Leicester’ were written during the months of September and October: ‘Murder on the Zenith Express’ was written in October 2006, ‘Single Handed’ and ‘The Fall Guy’ followed at intervals of a year, and the hastily-scrawled ‘A Night To Remember’ was assembled last September, for NZ Speculative Fiction Blogging Week. As I write this, September is poised once again to segue into October, and I have the opening scene written for Gordon’s sixth adventure.* Will I have the first draft finished before November comes knocking? Who can tell? But I am, indeed looking forward to exploring anew the twisted machinations, the dubious personal histories, and the repeated flirtations with nominative destiny that seem to be the hallmark of those who travel as passengers on the Skyward 270 space elevator lift-module.


* Yes, it has a title. No, I’m not intending to reveal that yet.**

** Oh, very well. It’s called ‘Elevator Pitch’. Read into that what you will.




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