A quick spruik

2 10 2013

A friend of mine (whom I confess I have never actually met, though in this intermanet age such an omission need not be an insuperable obstacle to friendship) has just released her second YA novel, in which I had a hand. (And I don’t mean in some weird hand-Tuckerization sense, although since the preceding novel was Ghost Hand, such a notion would appear oddly appropriate. No, I did the e-book conversion, and the layour for the forthcoming paperback release.)


Here’s the gist of it: Ripley Patton’s Ghost Hold is now available on Kindle. And it is, I can announce with no hesitation whatsoever, a bloody good read: taut, suspenseful, and very engaging. (I’ll sign off now, because I need to go hound Ripley to ensure she’s working hard on its followup, and not wasting time on any of that tedious looking-after-her-family stuff …)




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