Another spruik, or signal boost, or whatever you wish to call it

8 10 2013


Adam Browne, whose Pyrotechnicon: Being a TRUE ACCOUNT of Cyrano de Bergerac’s FURTHER ADVENTURES among the STATES and EMPIRES of the STARS by Himself (dec’d) , published last year by Coeur de Lion, is a truly marvellous creation, has a new piece of speculative-literary invention in the works, and it sounds wonderfully intriguing. The following words stem from Adam himself:

My next project, or one of them, is The Tame Animals of Saturn, a large format book based on the writings of Jakob Lorber, a 19th Century violinist who believed god had given him to know the nature of life on other worlds in the Solar System.

“The book will be richly illustrated, and a mix of sf and nonfiction. I’m running a crowdfunding campaign to help me out while I’m working on it. Please check out the link for further details and seductive images:


If you’re familiar with Adam’s work — perhaps through the pages of ASIM or Aurealis, or in Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear, or most notably in Pyrotechnicon itself — you’ll know that he has few peers in the reimagining of, and extrapolation from, historically-sourced speculative fiction, both as a writer and an artist. (That’s one of his illustrations above, snerched from the Pozible site.) This sounds like a fascinating project, and I’d urge you to give it a look.


And while I’m on the ‘crowdfunding’ theme, please spare a couple of minutes to take in the new Public Service Announcement (to my mind, the best yet) for the Johnny Ruckus kickstarter:




2 responses

12 10 2013
Adam Browne

thanks, mister Petrie

13 10 2013

You’re very welcome, Mister Browne!

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