New-for-Old Book Reviews

9 10 2013

One of the tasks I wish to complete this month (aside from, hopefully, finishing the new Gordon Mamon story) is to get at least one more book review posted in my ‘female hard SF writers’ review series … but that is going to need to wait until I’ve read the next one. In the meantime, mindful that various of the erstwhile review sites to which I used to submit are now crumbling into virtual dust (Specusphere has gone, and the first incarnation of ASif! seems to have followed it), I’ve been pressing ahead with copying my old book reviews over to this site. Today I added eight: M John Harrision’s Light and Nova Swing, the Jonathan Strahan anthologies Eclipse Two and Eclipse Three, and four single-author collections: C. June Wolf’s Finding Creatures and Other Stories, Chris Lawson’s Written in Blood, Geoffrey Maloney’s Tales from the Crypto-System, and Paul Haines’ Slice of Life. One of them, the Nova Swing, is the very first book review I wrote for public release, back in mid-2007. How well I remember the thrill, back then, of receiving a book, totally free of charge, in the mail, and the zeal with which I threw myself at the task of reading and assessing it. Idealism has a way of sliding slowly into cynicism: while I don’t actually disagree with the review I wrote back then (it is, after all, a very good book), I doubt that, were I to review it anew, now, it’d have much in common with my earlier review.

If you’re interested in what I thought of any of the above books (and a dozen or more others), the full set of links is over here.




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