A Drabble, for a Drabbleversary

15 10 2013

This is, WordPress assures me, my hundredth post on this blog. Which suggests that some form of celebration or commemoration is in order, on this historic occasion.



A hundred?

Oh, look: here, have a drabble, never before released into the wild. One hundred words, title excluded.


London, 1666, Springtime

(by Simon Petrie)

He has laboured for weeks, drafting St Paul’s.

The pig snuffles his leg. Really, this is too much! “Mrs Blenkinshaw!” he booms. “Please return tomorrow’s dinner to the sty!”

His housekeeper rushes in, apologises, removes the beast, scurries off.

“Lock the gate!” he reminds her.

He retires to bed, exhausted. Next morning, he takes a coach to the Palace.

“These are good,” says the King. “Ornate, most inspiring. But is something missing? A spire, an apex, a cupola?”

Christopher Wren eyes his plans with dismay. Incomplete! He sees straightaway what has happened. “Alas!” he exclaims. “A hog ate my domework.”




4 responses

16 10 2013

Oh, dear. Happy 100th post! 🙂

21 10 2013

You’ve snouted yourself as a most egregious punster.

28 11 2013
Zena Shapter

I roll my eyes, and yet I love it!

16 02 2014
A cluster of small victories | Simon Petrie

[…] A couple of months back, I sent a set of ten drabbles to a market I’d recently discovered, SpeckLit, which specialises in such things, for both fiction and reviews. (For the uninitiated, a drabble is a story of exactly 100 words, excluding title. Here’s one I prepared earlier.) […]

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