Back to the Back of the Back of Beyond

11 12 2013

You might recollect that a few months ago I ran a post on Edwina Harvey‘s then-upcoming collection of interlinked short stories, The Back of the Back of Beyond.


It’s now out, in ebook form at least: you can get it (in pdf, epub, and mobi formats) from the Peggy Bright Books website here, and it’s also on Amazon’s Kindle store (but only in mobi there). The print version is still a week or so away, but the paperback can be ordered through the Peggy Bright Books link given above.

The cover art, by the way, is by the very talented Eleanor Clarke, who’s one of a good many people Tuckerized within the book. (I’m also Tuckerized in it, in fact, and should disclose that I acted as both editor and typesetter for the book. So if you buy the book, and you find a particularly suitable comma, it’s maybe my doing.)

As an effort to describe the book … it’s probably best thought of as ‘unreliable autobiography’. It’s unashamedly fannish, full of Edwina’s gentle humour … and horses, and dragons, and wide, wild spaces. (And is that flying saucer on the cover sporting an air-scoop, or would that be a spoiler?) If you’re curious, please check it out …




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