Obligatory New Year’s Post

11 01 2014

By way of providing a summary of activities, such as they were, over the past year, such as it was:

Stories written: Three (3). Each around the 5K word mark. Plus several drabbles, not enumerated here.
‘Emptying Roesler’, ‘CREVjack’, and ‘Trike Race’.
(Technically, I can only claim a half-credit for ‘Trike Race’, since I co-authored this with Edwina Harvey.)

Stories sold: One (1). Plus one (1) poem.
‘Emptying Roesler’, to the Regenerations anthology (ed. Anna Caro & Juliet Buchanan, Random Static, 2013).
‘At the Dark Matter Zoo’ (poem), to The Stars Like Sand: Australian Speculative Poetry (ed. PS Cottier & Tim Jones, Interactive Publications, 2014).

Stories begun, but not finished: Several (n). Let’s not go there, shall we?

Anthologies co-edited: One (1).
Next, with Robert Porteous (CSFG Publications, 2013).

Collections edited: One (1).
The Back Of The Back Of Beyond, by Edwina Harvey (Peggy Bright Books, 2013).

Awards received: One (1).
The Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Novella / Novelette (for Flight 404). Being on hand at Au Contraire in Wellington, to collect this, was a high point of the year.

Aurealis Award Fantasy Short Story contenders read: One hundred and ninety-four (194).
(I will not, of course, comment on individual stories in advance of, nor even probably after, the announcement of the winner(s), but the task of reading such a large body of generally high-quality work is not one to be undertaken lightly.)

Plans for stories, etc, to be written (and, hopefully, sold) in 2014: Lots. But we shall see.




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