needs more dinosaurs: a sampler

12 01 2014

If you’re curious about the sort of stuff I write, I now have an e-book sampler that you can download free of charge (and free of DRM). It’s called needs more dinosaurs, and the stories in it (‘Downdraft’, ‘To Arms’, ‘Storm in a T-Suit’, ‘@Bearhouse’, and ‘Three-Horned Dilemma’) are a mix of my serious SF and my more absurdist leanings.

The e-book’s available in your choice of pdf, epub, and mobi formats. (Now, the link to the pdf should allow you to download that directly, but it’s my understanding of WordPress’s restrictions on allowable file types that epub and mobi aren’t supported for direct download. A workaround for the epub download is to access the epub through the ‘download ebook’ button on Goodreads (which, owned as it is by Amazon, supports epub but not mobi–go figure). I’m working on a download option for mobi, and will update this post as appropriate.)




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22 01 2014
Victimless Merchandising from Simon Petrie | CSFG

[…] ebook is available from the PBB website here, or you can also get the pdf off Simon’s website or the epub […]

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