I’m totally blogging this review

15 02 2014

Cover art by Tom Godfrey

The sagacious and book-devouring Tsana Dolichva, who does science for a living and, in her spare time, reviews an impressive range and quantity of speculative fiction books over at her Tsana’s Reads And Reviews book blog, has just posted a lengthy four-and-a-half star review of my collection Rare Unsigned Copy: tales of Rocketry, Ineptitude, and Giant Mutant Vegetables. Tsana’s review says so many good things about the book that I feel compelled to (a) repost it in its entirety and (b) blush. Instead, I will do neither, but shall modestly quote an isolated paragraph from the review:

All in all, I would definitely read more Simon Petrie stories. I recommend this collection to all fans of speculative fiction. Although most of the stories were science fictional, I’d say they were pretty accessible even to people who don’t usually read science fiction. (And a bunch were fantasy or somewhere in between.) Petrie doesn’t shy away from exploring untapped corners of common narratives, and when he sets out to write hard science fiction, you can be sure the details are spot-on. Highly recommended.”

If, having digested the excellent paragraph above, you find youself to be hungry for more (and why would you not be?), you can see the full review here.

Additionally, modesty (or something) compels me to suggest that the book is still available, in physical and e-book form from Peggy Bright Books, in e-form from Wizard’s Tower Books, and in e-form (Kindle only) from Amazon (for which the url rather charmingly garbles the title as ‘Unsigned Rocketry Ineptitude Mutant Vegetables’).

A review, of course, is always only one person’s opinion. But it’s still a nice thing to encounter a good one, particularly when it’s as detailed as this.




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