A cluster of small victories

16 02 2014

A couple of months back, I sent a set of ten drabbles to a market I’d recently discovered, SpeckLit, which specialises in such things, for both fiction and reviews. (For the uninitiated, a drabble is a story of exactly 100 words, excluding title. Here’s one I prepared earlier.)

This morning, I heard back from SpeckLit. They’ve accepted seven of them, to whit: ‘Avoidance of Eye Contact’, ‘Eventful Flight’, ‘Half the Man’, ‘I’ll Never Have That Recipe Again’, ‘Protocol’, ‘Reasonable Wear and Tear’, and ‘Scales of Justice’. I’ll post as they’re released.

And yes, this post itself is also a drabble.




2 responses

18 02 2014

The proliferation of drabbles, demanding a certain number of words, reminds me of trying to compose a poem in a traditional form. A sonnet, for example. It’s as if people want a certain discipline.

And Twitter makes everyone a haijin. Often a very angry haijin.

19 02 2014

Tweeters are haijin?
A perceptive simile;
I see what you mean.

I agree about the discipline, and the comparison with sonnets, haiku, and the like. There’s a certain enjoyment that comes from (voluntary) confinement to a framework, a set of rules, made more vexatious for drabblers by Microsoft Word (for example) sometimes counting as ‘words’ things that patently aren’t. A hundred-word limit is, in one sense, very arbitrary, but it turns out it is indeed sufficient to tell a small story, which then makes it a challenge to get the story to fit, like this, in one hundred words exactly.

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