The Stars Like Sand, now available for pre-order

18 04 2014

Pretty much what it says on the tin.

The Stars Like Sand, the anthology of Australian speculative poetry edited by Tim Jones and PS Cottier, is now available for pre-order through the Interactive Press website.


While I’ve yet to see the finished product (a watched PO box never delivers), the website offers a taste of the anthology’s contents, by presenting three of the book’s poems as an onscreen sampler: Melinda Smith’s long-titled but delightfully acerbic telling of a failed mission to Mars, Jude Aquilina’s suitably-ominous ‘Cthulhu Calls’, and my own ‘At the Dark Matter Zoo’.

Given how infrequently I poem, I’m both immoderately pleased and somewhat anxious about seeing my own effort provided as one of the book’s samples … hopefully my doggerel doesn’t put too many people off! In any event, I’m still very much looking forward to seeing what’s in the antho.


(Oh, and there’s another anthology announcement pending. It may be a couple of days before I write the requisite copy.)




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