Five questions only a speculative fiction writer would ask …

4 05 2014

(offered at random, from a running list of, oh, several billion)

1. How long could a suit-protected human plausibly survive full immersion in liquid methane?

2. Do I need to research what kind of saddle would best fit a muttaburrasaurus, or should I just pants it?

3. Should I make explicit mention of the metabolic cost of adaptive camouflage, or can I just assume that the readers will trust that I’ve taken that into account?

4. So what exactly is the market for gorgon-porn, and what do I do with the story if it turns out that there isn’t one?

5. OK, the abduction-by-flying-car-bit works, I think, but what then?


By such uncertain processes do stories happen.




2 responses

4 05 2014

One does sometimes wonder how closely the NSA etc watch our search histories. And whether google’s caching of it will ever raise too many flags. Recently been researching nuclear explosions in space. The cold war sadly did not include testing blowing up space ships with nukes. :-/

4 05 2014

For my part, I sometimes wonder if there’s an entire wing of DARPA (or similar agency) given over to picking through all the doodlings of SF writers, in the faint hope that some of those things can be weaponised … “I wasted an entire week on that Petrie guy’s body-heat-driven-UV-laser thing — it was rubbish! The bloody thing wouldn’t even scorch paper.”

There’s presumably some data associated with nukes in space for Project Orion — but you’ve very likely checked that out already? (And that would be theory, rather than practice.)

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