Use Only As Directed, reviewed

25 05 2014

I’ve been remiss, or to use the more correct technical term ‘slow’, in getting around to reporting Use Only As Directed‘s first review, by Steve Jackson, which appears on anthology author Lyn McConchie’s website.


I won’t reproduce the review in its entirety, because that’s never cool even when it’s a really good review like this one, but you can click on the link above to get the full verdict from Mr Jackson. I will, however, lift the last few sentences:

All in all this is a good anthology, it has that feeling of progression, as if each story flows into the next, something in which a goodly number of major anthologies fail. It isn’t enough to pick good stories, they need to blend so that as the reader advances, there isn’t the feeling that they are reading a bunch of unconnected works, but something in which many parts have made a whole. Congratulations to the editors, they’ve succeeded.”







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