Have Pun, Will Drabble

31 05 2014

Harlon booked travel to Rigel but, short on funds, he could only afford to go by Quarkliner. He’d never flown Quarkliner before; he asked a friend for advice.

“It’s not bad,” Ursula said. “They carry both matter and antimatter passengers. Safely segregated on board – have to be, dangerous otherwise – but listen out when you disembark, otherwise you’ll get off at the wrong type of jetty and kaboom!”

“What do you mean, ‘listen out’?” Harlon asked.

“Ensure it’s what it sounds like.”

“ ‘What it sounds like’? You’re not making sense! Where should I disembark?”

“On a matter pier,” she explained.




2 responses

5 06 2014

LOL – cute!

22 06 2014

…but if he goes kaboom that would be on a matter pier too. Therefore he must be made of antimatter.

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