More ‘Use Only As Directed’ Reviewage

29 06 2014

There are nowhere near as many book blogger / astrophysicists in the world as there ought to be … but there are some, which is something we should be very grateful for. Tsana Dolichva is one such, and she recently posted, on her book blog, a detailed and positive review of Use Only As Directed. As is always the case, I’d encourage you to read the review in its entirety, but I feel compelled to excerpt just a few salient sentences from the review:

There is a wide variety of stories contained within; every story sticks to the theme, but there are a lot of very different interpretations. I appreciate the lack of homogeneity and the novelty of getting something completely different each time I picked up the anthology.

and “If you haven’t yet sampled a Petrie and Harvey anthology, this one would be a good place to start.

As well as some fairly in-depth general comments about the anthology, Dolichva’s review also offers her feedback on each of the stories. It’s always a good sign, I reckon, when different reviewers find different strengths to a book, and it’s gratifying to see that, while there is some overlap, this review picks a different group of favourites to that identified in Steve Jackson’s recent review.


If the reviews serve to spark your curiosity, I can point you towards the Peggy Bright Books page for the anthology’s purchase, or to Amazon’s page for the same purpose. The anthology’s authors, I’m confident, would thank you for your patronage: authors delight in being read (and, though I’m clearly biased, I’ll attest that these stories are certainly worthy of it).




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