Someone left a pop-culture reference out in the rain

15 07 2014

In the ‘yes-it’s-been-yonks-since-I-posted’ category, there are a couple of items of self-promotion I’ve been slow to spruik. One is that the talented and hardworking Tim Jones, one half of the superhuman team of poet-editors Jones and Cottier behind The Stars Like Sand, has unleashed upon the world a photostream of, well, photos from the launches of the aforementioned poetry antho. Said photostream is chock-full of depictions of poets both vastly more talented and better-looking than myself; but I am vain, and so shall snurch here only the photo of myself, reading (at Collected Works, in Melbourne) mine own poem, ‘At the Dark Matter Zoo’:


(There is, I swear to you, a top to my head, and I do possess knees, and shins beneath them; but that is by-the-by.)

The other item which I would bring to your attention is the final (for now, at any rate) of my drabbles with SpeckLit, which appeared back on June 30th and is titled ‘I’ll Never Have That Recipe Again‘. Make of it, dear reader, what you will …




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