The ‘Use Only As Directed’ Interviews: Lyn McConchie

2 08 2014

If I’m not mistaken (and it’s entirely possible that I am, for the grey matter is getting distinctly less pristine with each passing year), Lyn McConchie‘s contribution, ‘Fetch Me Down My Gun’, was the first one that Edwina Harvey and I received for Use Only As Directed. It’s a story sufficiently timeless that it takes me back to the sort of things I was reading as a child — and I mean that in an entirely positive sense.

Lyn’s another of these writers, like Dave Freer yesterday, who really require no introduction. (The cat, if I’m not mistaken, is called Thunder, and is an ocicat.) I’ll just segue straight to Lyn’s words on the process of the story’s creation:


What should readers know about you before they sit down to read ‘Fetch Me Down My Gun’?

I like reading westerns as well as reading them, and as I am also a very long-time SF/F reader, it’s fun now and again to combine them.

What provoked you (or, if you’d rather, encouraged you) to tell the story you did? What was the germ of the idea that led to it?

The song I used. I ran across it on a folk music site while chasing something else entirely, read the song, and it sparked the story whole, pretty much exactly as it reads.

If you were told you were only allowed to keep one sentence from the published story, what sentence would that be, and why?

I haven’t the faintest idea. But possibly, if i had to choose, then the final one.

‘Fetch’ is very much a story of two parts. Did you already have both parts when you sat down to start writing it, or was that part of how the story unfolded for you?

As I say, the story sprang into my mind complete as it stands. What you read is what I got. (My subconscious leads its own life entirely and at times I’m merely being hauled along.)

What are you currently working on, and what would you like to tell readers of this blog about your current endeavour?

In january this year Wildside Press in America published my collection of new Sherlock Holmes short stories (Sherlock Holmes:Repeat Business). Reviews have mostly been very good and sales have been good too. I tend to write what i like reading, and finding that people liked Repeat Business encouraged me to do more in that canon. I’m writing a double of two short Sherlock and Watson books as a result and having a great time doing so. If they also sell it’ll be the cherry on the top.


If you want to learn more about what keeps Lyn busy, be that writing or rural self-sufficiency, her website is at

If you’re now feeling motivated to read ‘Fetch Me Down My Gun’ and the other stories in Use Only As Directed, the links are here: (PBB (publisher, pbk, epub, pdf, mobi); Amazon (mobi))

Tomorrow’s interview: Janeen Webb, ‘Future Perfect’.



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