And another one

25 08 2014

My Titan story ‘Lakeside’, which is, depending on how one counts these things, either the third or the fifth of my Titan stories (it’s the third one written, but the fifth one published) has been accepted by Perihelion SF, and will apparently see the light of day (or what, I suppose, passes for ‘day’ upon Titan) sometime in October. I’ll provide updated linkage at the appropriate time.

For those interested, this is the first of these stories in which I’ve re-used a protagonist. Åke Garrity, the aviation-obsessed teenager from ‘Broadwing’ (which aired in the Christchurch earthquake charity anthology Tales For Canterbury, published by Random Static — I believe the antho had a limited run and is now out of print) is front-and-centre in ‘Lakeside’ as well, as he makes a disturbing find near the shores of Ontario Lacus.

(I suppose this means I’d better try to claw out some time to get some more writing done. Now. how do I achieve that?)




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