A sneak peek at some upcoming pulpy cover-art goodness

12 09 2014

Here, in all its glory, is the cover of Difficult Second Album, with artwork by the wonderfully-talented Tom Godfrey:



The cover illustration is a depiction of a scene from the story ‘The Speed of Heavy’ which is in the collection (and which was first published in Kaleidotrope 8) — if you wish to find out how it plays out, the book should be available in early October. (For example, at Conflux X.)

Here’s the full TOC (italics show items previously unpublished elsewhere):

The Fridge Whisperer / Dark Rendezvous / Florence, 1504, Late Winter / Dream(TM) / Things YOU Can Do To Defend Yourself Against The Earth Getting Swallowed By A Rogue Black Hole / The Speed of Heavy / London, 1666, Springtime / Latency / Moonlight / Because We’re Living In A Material World / Cruisy / CREVjack / You Said ‘Two of Each’, Right? / Fixing a Hole / 21st Century Nursery Rhymes, #126: I Had A Little Nut Tree / Buying a Ray Gun / X-Factor / Elevator Pitch / Lithophiles / Next! / The Man Who … / Must’ve Been While You Were Kissing Me / The Assault Goes Ever On / Suckers for Love

As the above suggests, a fair swodge of the stories in DSA aren’t available anywhere else, and this is stuff I’m very proud of — I reckon ‘CREVjack’ and ‘Fixing a Hole’ just might be the two best Titan stories I’ve managed yet, and I’m really pleased with how the new Gordon Mamon space-elevator murder mystery novella ‘Elevator Pitch’ has turned out … but, of course, I’m hardly the best person to assess these things objectively.

More details — such as purchase links for the unwary — when we have actual availability.




One response

14 09 2014
Bill Clarke

Awesome, I look forward to it.

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