Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water …

9 11 2014

… it’s the Return of the Mershark. For the (mercifully) uninitiated, that would be the Cynthia Mershark, accidental poet, who has been known on occasion to grace this website (for, as they say, a given value of ‘grace’).

Cynthia informs me that she has not one but two Found Poems she wishes to share with you today. Somewhat unusually — for most of her poems come to her line-by-line and must be constructed, as it were, from the disparate threads of her unconscious — these oeuvres apparently each sprang fully formed from the fountainhead of her poetic genius and required no further assembly, beyond the insertion of line feeds.

I must confess, I have some qualms about the language employed in Poem #2: the turn of phrase employed here is not one I, myself, would have intended for this website; but the ways of the poet are inscrutable (a statement which, while generally true, is especially so in Cynthia’s case), and so I will allow the lapse in taste to pass. I will say also that, though Cynthia has not vouchsafed to me the exact identity of this ‘George’, she has assured me that it is not our current Attorney-General, nor any recent President of the United States of America, nor any particular fantasy novelist, recently-married actor, or other celebrity.

And so, without further ado, two (2) acts of accidental poetry:


there are only a few instances more precious than those

by Cynthia Mershark

Asking questions
are actually fastidious thing
if you are not understanding
anything completely,
but this piece of writing
gives fastidious
understanding yet.

to George

by Cynthia Mershark

For you
to George: you stupid fucking
tosser, jackets might be
formulated to break
down within ages as
opposed to generations.
Head out notify yourself.


So. ‘Head out notify yourself’. If that’s not a slogan to live by, I don’t know what is.



One response

11 12 2014
soft machines | inconstant light

[…] about my fiction. However, as Simon Petrie pointed out in his preamble to Cynthia Mershark’s mysterious works, poetry is allowed to be inscrutable, so I’m not going to give any background to ‘Soft […]

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