In the interests of signal-boostery …

26 11 2014

… it behooves me to pass along to you the information that the FFANZ voting season, arranged for the purpose of selecting and sending a trans-Tasman fan delegate to the NZ or Australian Natcon, is currently open. Here, through the modern miracle of cut and paste, is the message as it was relayed to me from Edwina Harvey:

We’re  happy to announce that David McDonald  is our nominee in the FFANZ race to send an Australian fan to the NZ Natcon in Rotorua in New Zealand held over Easter 2015.

The 2015 FFANZ voting is now open until  15 December, 2014.

Votes can be paid for via direct bank deposit, paypal or cash. 

Details can be found here:

Voting costs $5. (Due to a quirk of currency exchange, that’s $5USD, $5 AUD, or $5 NZD equivalently, but please pay in your local currency rather than seek out the cheapest option.) And as someone who has attended two NZ Natcons in recent years, I can attest that it would be money well spent: while NZ cons are generally smaller events than their Australian counterparts, they’re vibrant and varied and peopled by bright, friendly, creative, engaging types.




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