Two things …

11 12 2014

One: when a week or more ago I announced the upcoming appearance of one of my pieces in AntipodeanSF issue 200, I somehow failed to notice that another of my contributions had just come out in AntipodeanSF issue 198. It’s called ‘News Just To Hand‘.

Two: Peggy Bright Books is currently holding an end-of-year sale, to run (as the term would suggest) until the end of the year. All Peggy Bright Book e-book titles are reduced to $1.99AUD for the duration, and there are reductions in the prices for most of the (earlier) paperback titles as well. You can find further details on the PBB website here.




5 responses

12 12 2014
Darusha Wehm

Cool. However, I notice that the ebook for “Use Only As Directed” doesn’t seem to have been reduced.

12 12 2014

Whoops — it should have been. I’ve passed that on to the web guru, and I think it’s all good now.

13 12 2014

I find it a bit cool to be sharing an AntiSF issue TOC with you. 🙂

13 12 2014

It’s always nice to share a TOC with people I know — particularly when the story’s a good one. That’s a creepily effective story …

18 12 2014

That story ‘News Just To Hand’ is the lighthearted relative of your poem ‘The Dark Matter Zoo’. You are becoming Australia’s Weird Fantasy Zoo Expert, Simon.

I can not speak for New Zealand.

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