Updatery, belated

26 06 2015

It’s been brought to my attention that I’ve been rather negligent of blogging of late, for which there are various reasons, chief among them a shortage of the timey-wimey stuff. But so as to prevent the site cobwebs from growing too large and complacent, here are a couple of pieces of now rather old (and, as it happens, both in their own way second-hand) news:


First, I’m thrilled, stunned, humbled and delighted that my poem ‘At the Dark Matter Zoo’ was selected to appear in The 2015 Rhysling Anthology, the annual compilation of the previous year’s best speculative poetry, as nominated by members of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. I don’t poem often (other than via the spam-poetry stylings of ‘Cynthia Mershark’, of course, though she’s been mercifully inactive of late), so it’s wonderful to see the one serious poem I wrote in 2013 do so well for itself. (Stories, take note.)


Second, I was as pleased as punch to discover, very belatedly, that a reprint submission I’d made back in 2013 had in fact borne fruit: ‘The Ballad of P’toresk’ has aired, in translation, as ‘La Balada de P’toresk‘ in La idea fija 15, an Argentinian speculative fiction webzine that publishes both original Spanish-language fiction and translated reprints. The issue in which ‘P’toresk’ appears was in fact released a year ago, and I only learnt of it this time around because Google alerted me when the subsequent issue was released. I’m indebted to the translator for what, to my entirely untrained eye, looks to be a flawless piece of translation.

There is newer news, as well, but I’ll save that until after a couple of reviews.




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