A Rare Unsigned Giveaway

29 08 2015

Cover art by Tom Godfrey

By way of being something vaguely resembling a public service announcement, I’ll say the following:

I’m currently running a Goodreads giveaway for five paperback copies of my first collection Rare Unsigned Copy: tales of Rocketry, Ineptitude, and Giant Mutant Vegetables. The giveaway runs until 10th September (for a given value of ’10th September’ depending on, I think, US timezones), it’s open to anyone in Australia, NZ, UK, USA, and Canada, and the recipients are selected randomly by some robot at Goodreads central (or something like that). If you feel the need for a mixture of puns, pop-culture references, black humour and hard science fiction, or you happen to have a kitchen table with one leg 15.235 mm shorter than the other three, it might be just what you’re looking for.




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