Tame Animals of Saturn, now available to Earthlings!

21 03 2016

It’s been a ridiculous amount of time since I last posted, and I’ll get around to providing updatery in (I hope) the next few(ish) days. But just right now, I have an announcement:


Two or three years back, I contributed to a Pozible fundraiser to help nurture an Adam Browne project, of a series of artworks (and accompanying narrative) exploring the hallucinatorily fantastic biota of Saturn as first envisaged by nineteenth-century Christian mystic Jakob Lorber. It turns out that my contribution to this was rather more hands-on than I’d been envisaging, since I recently completed the book design for Adam’s creations on this subject, and the result — which is sumptuously illustrated, with several pages of internal colour, and elsewhere Adam’s marvellous black-and-white imagery, plus of course his words — is now available from Peggy Bright Books. If you’ve read Adam’s Pyrotechnicon (and you really should, if you haven’t already done so), you’ll have a fair idea of what to expect … which is, of course, the unexpected.

If you’re interested, Adam’s The Tame Animals of Saturn is selling at a special pre-launch price of $AUD25 (including postage within Australia), down from a RRP of $26.95 plus postage.



One response

26 03 2016

you did a wonderful job, Simon

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