‘Walking’, by Sean O’Leary

2 04 2016

Further on the ‘what have I been doing over recent months’ front, there’s this. Walking is a collection of seventeen short stories by Melbourne author Sean O’Leary.


As well as editing the collection, I also did the typesetting and the cover design, so my perspective on the book is hardly that of a detached observer. But be that as it may …

Sean’s stories mostly fall into the ‘crime’ or ‘literary’ category (although a couple of Walking‘s stories qualify as SF), and are narrated with a plain immediacy that keeps the pace fast and throws the characters into sharp relief. The settings are, without exception, various versions of a real or imagined Australia (Sean seems to have lived in almost every city or town in the country); recurring themes within the stories are attraction, responsibility, retribution, and schizophrenia. Sean has an eye for the grittier, less pretty side of life, and he tells a good story. His work has been praised by Garry Disher and by Les Murray. This is his second collection: his first, My Town (Ginninderra Press, 2010), is now, I gather, quite difficult to locate.

If you’re interested to learn more, Peggy Bright Books has the book on sale (in paperback and e-book versions), at a reduced price prior to its June launch.






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