Seventh episode in a continuing series

4 05 2016

Yes, it’s May the Fourth. But no, that title isn’t a Star Wars reference.

You may have felt this site to be a little moominheavy of recent weeks. To counteract that, and to presage something which I hope should be relatively soon ensuing, I’ve posted another story on my ‘Online Fiction’ listing here.

Some background: I’ve so far written nine stories set on human-colonised Titan, starting with ‘Storm in a T-Suit’, which appeared in Aurealis 44 in 2010. Seven of these stories—and they vary in style, and don’t often share characters, though they are all definitely pinned to the same timeline—have so far seen publication; the ninth (a murder-mystery novella, as it happens) is still undergoing final polishing in the authorial toolshed.* The seventh of these stories,** and substantially the shortest to have seen publication, is ‘CREVjack’, which is the story I posted here today.

I don’t generally take my SF into mil-SF territory; ‘CREVjack’ is probably the closest I’ve come to skirting that particular sub-genre, and even then I’d argue that its intent is somewhat otherwise. It’s also—and here’s where that presagery comes in—the direct precursor to my eighth Titan story, ‘The Goldilocks Hack’, soon to appear, I’m given to understand, in the fiction section of Cosmos Online.

And as for the calendar stuff: May with you the Fourth be, as that little green guy might have said.


* No, I don’t actually have an authorial toolshed. That’s authorial licence. (No, I don’t actually have an authorial licence either.)

** Yes, that makes it, technically, seven of nine. No, that isn’t a Trek reference. Or maybe it is, but an entirely gratuitous one.




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