An exercise in third-party signalboostery

21 05 2016

It’s come to my attention that Adam Browne’s The Tame Animals of Saturn has been reviewed, by Stephanie McLeay, in Aurealis 90. While it would be unseemly for me to repost the entire review here (and obviously there are plenty of good reasons to buy the latest issue of Aurealis), it is, I think, fair use to snurch the review’s first short paragraph:

Few books have created a ‘What the hell is this?’ reaction as strongly as this illustrated novella. The Tame Animals of Saturn is a brilliant, utterly unique piece of writing that transports you to not so much another place as another state of mind.


Adam has a few other reviews / readers’ assessments for the book over on his blogspot. But, reviews belonging to that rarefied group of entities for which too much is never enough, there’s always scope for further reviewage. I’m given to understand that Peggy Bright Books remains keen to find further reviewers, both for Adam’s book, and for the other recent release, Sean O’Leary’s Australian noir lit / crime collection Walking. Review e-copies of both of these books are currently available from Peggy Bright Books, in exchange for honest reviews.




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